• "Refresh and relax you all at once. The heat is designed to focus on the pressure points around your eyes"

  • "These highly rated heated eye masks are a perfect stocking stuffer for those in your family who enjoy a cozy afternoon nap."

  • "The best eye masks for a quick fix.

    These were, without a doubt, definitely the easiest eye masks."

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Your best skin - with no extra effort...

Products made to make you feel and look your best without the time or hassle!

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Self-Heating Technology

De-puff, de-stress, and ease your migraines with our soothing, self-warming technology. 

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Why PopMask?

Popmask is Female Founded and run – our story began in 2012 when founder, Louisa Booth, wanted to find a softer, kinder alternative to harsh, traditional hairties for her and her daughters.

Since then Louisa and her team (including her family), have been passionate about designing and developing many exciting, practical and fun products to help you through the ups and downs of life – always with kindness in mind!

From from our self-heating masks to help you sleep and relax, to our biodegradable, moisturising wipes to protect you and your family, we are committed to creating useful and exciting ways to make you smile!

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